Introducing Splash Drone 3 Trailer

On May 8th, 2017, Swellpro released the latest Splash drone 3. It will be coming soon… http://swellpro.com

The Splash drone 3 auto features a new integrated waterproof 4K camera with 2-axis gimbal, a redesigned LCD onboard remote controller, new propulsion system, new flight controller and many other improvements from previous versions Splash Drones.


SKYSTARS X140 140mm Micro FPV Racing Drone DIY Kit Flight Test

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Test flying the Skystars X140 build.
A variety of batteries are used to test fly both line of sight and fpv

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Airmap / LAANC Announcement and more – Drone Chat Livestream 03-07-2018

With the Airmap announcement of more “instant” authorization at many more airports, I had to talk about it! Come join the conversation!

Come join the conversation at 7:30 PM Central time 02-21-2018


It’s Official: Nationwide Expansion of LAANC to 500 More Airports Begins Next Month


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Official CEOgiri Web Series Trailer | EP1 Streams Mar 19 | Ab Chukyagiri Nahi CEOgiri Hogi

Official Chukyagiri Season 2 is now Official CEOgiri. The “Drone”ņacharya CEO comes out of hiding and he’s going fully bonkers. He has two months to save his company. Will he, won’t he? Episode 1 of Digene presents Official CEOgiri streams on Mar 19. Featuring. Sumeet Vyas, Aahana Kumra, Sunny Kaushal, Eisha Chopra, Pranay Manchanda, Preeti Hansraj and Gopal Datt

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P4 Pro | My Best Dronie – Almost Perfect One Shot | Short Drone Video

Working on the PERFECT one shot with my P4Pro. I have been training and trying to do more difficult movements and
making them smooth with the drone lately.
this is from when I was filming:

Norway – Into The Waves with Kitesurfers 4K Karmøy | Low Flying | Drone Video

Some risks pay of!

Some of my favorite activities I do when flying drones is to fly low.
I feel you get so much more action and suspense when flying real close to objects and enviroment.

Ofcourse, it is always a risk that something can happen, that it can crash and destroy the drone, but it makes for more creative and interesting drone videos.

Recorded some kitesurfers surfing the waves when I made this video about flying low over the waves.

Filmed it over 3 days, the first day by the beach, I was seeing if I could film the sunset, but no luck there, so the sun was almost gone when I filmed. So thats why it is so dark. But got some really nice footage of the kite surfers here!

Second day it was really windy by the ocean, and that made for some real nice waves, a little scary to fly in high winds. But also very exciting to fly low over the waves and filming the kite surfers.

Third day was a perfect day for drone flying. no wind and calm seas. perfect for lowflying inbetween the rocks and close to the waves.

So please checkout the full video from where I got this Dronie:

Filmed in Ferkingstad Karmøy

Filmed in 4K with:

Dji Phantom 4 Pro
Edited on Adobe Premiere

Imaginary by Broken Elegance & Nomyn https://soundcloud.com/brokenelegance
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/CMLnB526kkY


GoPro HERO6: This Is the Moment in 4K

Live the moment. Capture the moment. Share the moment. HERO6 is here, and the moment is now. #GoPro #GoProHERO6

Shot 100% on GoPro – https://goo.gl/Umakhk

Featured Characters:
Ski/Snowboard – Chris Benchetler, Travis Rice, Torstein Horgmo

Kayak – Aniol & Gerd Serrasolses

Surf – Felicity Palmateer, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Kai Lenny, Anthony Walsh, Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber

Freedive – Ashleigh Baird, Camila Jaber, Ocean Ramsey

Moto – Ronnie Renner

Congo – Baby Lulingu

Bali – Gloria Atanmo, Chris Rogers

Australia – Brinkley Davies & Little Bunji

USA – Rory Kramer

Get more from each moment with breakout stories coming in October!

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“A Moment Apart”
Link to buy: https://odesza.lnk.to/ama-gopro

Special Thanks:
Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation (GRACE) Center – http://gracegorillas.org
Spaceport America – https://spaceportamerica.com
Indies Trader Marine Adventures – https://www.indiestrader.com/
Andy Casagrande
Johnny Lo
Sam Evans
Goran Kugal
So Ueyama
Film In Iceland http://www.filminiceland.com
ESRA – The Experimental Sounding Rocket Association: http://www.soundingrocket.org

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WARNING: Do not attempt. Professional driver, closed course.


Mega Construx Call of Duty Assault Drone review

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Maryland From Above // GoPro Karma Drone

My first compilation of aerial drone footage captured on the new GoPro Karma Drone and GoPro Hero5 Black. Highlighting various parts of Northeast Maryland. Special thanks to Elk Neck State Park, Turkey Point Lighthouse, Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources!

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